Technical building equipment


ARA leases technical building equipment, such as lighting, sensors and network technology to building owners and real estate developers.

With ARA's Ecodesign and As-a-Service model, you save your finances and nature's resources.

In order to comply with energy efficiency requirements and benefit from digitalization, a building installation must be refurbished at regular intervals and high investments must be made. In order to reintegrate modern energy-efficient and digitized technologies into buildings in a cost-efficient way, buildings would need to be equipped with a modifiable technical building installation system that allows for the replacement and exchange of individual functions. Our solution meets this requirement and is:

Future Proof




Products from different technical building equipment manufacturers complement each other to form an integrated solution. In our projects, we use products from different building services producers, from lighting to security technology. You receive products from these different production lines from a single source:


LED Module


Fire protection technology

Network technology

Security technology

Until now, the purchase of technical building installation has tied you to a specific technology for decades. With our offer you have the possibility to exchange or add individual functions of your technical building equipment. Together with renowned manufacturers, we are continuously working on the expansion of our portfolio so that we can always offer you the latest technology.

The entire portfolio of ARA is based on a modular system. Individual modules are defined as self-contained and independent units and can be combined with other modules from the portfolio. This modularity for technical building equipment makes it possible to adapt the installed technology to your requirements quickly and cost-efficiently.


The ecosystem of ARA consists of different, renowned manufacturers who contribute with their technologies and services to an overall solution. The common goal of this ecosystem is the creation of a holistic solution for technical building equipment.

With only 30 modules a portfolio with 1,000 combinations can be realized. A new module is compatible with the entire portfolio from market launch. We define the modular ARA construction kit and guarantee the compatibility between the manufacturers/ modules of the Ecosystem.





The products of the ARA portfolio comply with the principles of eco-design. The modular design allows the replacement of individual modules and thus enables the repair or improvement of the installation.

ARA guarantees 100% sorted recycling of all modules. Already in the design of the modules we put emphasis on the decomposability and the choice of materials.

Ecodesign allows us to find a second use for modules which are returned to us and which are still usable.





Sustainable technical building equipment from a single source and without investment requirements. Your costs for the acquisition and maintenance of your building services are covered by a monthly rental rate. Our technical building equipment-as-a-Service model eliminates your one-time investment. We provide you with a modular solution with the option of flexibly adapting the technology and individual services over time.


In a free audit, we calculate the savings potential of new technical building equipment and show how the energy efficiency of your entire property can be improved. In addition, we will provide you with an estimate of the monthly rental rates.

  • Audit
  • Calculation of the savings potential
  • Cost estimate


Based on your needs and in accordance with applicable standards and laws, we plan the deployment of new technical building equipment for you. You will receive a detailed offer for the monthly rental rates for your new installation.

  • Needs analysis
  • Planning the new installation
  • Cost planning


If required, we will carry out the deinstallation of your old system and the professional installation of the new system for you. After the commissioning of the plant, your service personnel will receive maintenance instructions of the installation.

  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Briefing


We take over the maintenance of your system and thus all costs for the exchange and replacement of defective products. Furthermore, you can flexibly add additional services such as a 24/7 replacement service, monitoring of the building’s energy efficiency or a data evaluation on workstation occupancy.

  • Free maintenance
  • Diverse service option
  • Flexible contract design


You get your new installation without investing. The new technical building equipment is financed with monthly installments over the contract period, which you can claim against tax. We offer you a completely transparent pricing. After the expiration of the contract period, you can continue to use the rented modules free of charge.

  • No use of equity
  • Transparent pricing
  • Free of charge further use


Modules from different manufacturers can be combined to form products. This allows us to adapt your building to your requirements in terms of energy efficiency and digitalization without replacing the entire installation. We guarantee the return of the used modules and 100% recycling.

  • Upgradeable
  • Repairable
  • 100% recyclable

Technical building equipment for
Green Buildings

Ecodesign makes technical building equipment modifiable and repairable, reducing the amount of electrical waste. With the rental model “Technical building equipment-as-a-Service” you get durable and robust products for which we guarantee a return and 100% sorted recycling.

Office buildings

Retail & specialized retail

Public facilities

Your advantages

With ARA’s Ecodesign and as-a-Service model, you save your finances and nature’s resources.




Always at the cutting edge of technology

Modularity allows your installation to be flexibly adapted to new requirements. Thus, your technical building equipment can be adapted to the needs of a new tenant or your building can be kept up to date with new technologies from the field of IOT and energy efficiency.

60% reduced costs for building maintenance

Thanks to modularity, only the part of the technical building equipment that no longer corresponds to the state of the art needs to be renewed. Additional rental rates are only incurred for these new modules added to the installation. In addition, you do not bear any investment costs.

30% reduced footprint

Modularity allows your building to be kept optimally efficient. In this way, you contribute to the EU goal of a climate-neutral building stock by 2050. With our as-a-service model and the take-back system, you focus on maximum resource efficiency.

Your contribution to the environment

In the European Green Deal, the EU has set itself the goal of strengthening the circular economy and achieving a climate-neutral building stock by 2050. With our system, you contribute to the achievement of these goals:

Improved CO2 balance

Easy update to more energy efficient LED technology

Efficient use of resources and products

  • Easy update to more energy efficient LED technology
  • Einfaches Update auf energieeffizientere LED Technologie

Reduced e-waste

30% longer service life due to upgradeability and repairability

Lifespan Extender by 30%as leased products are optional sized for durability

  • Um 30% verlängerte Einsatzdauer durch Upgradefähigkeit und Reparierbarkeit
  • Um 30% verlängerte Lebensdauer, da die vermietete Produkte auf Lebensdauer optimiert sind

Resource efficiency

Resource-saving eco-design and tracking of materials used

Take back promise and 100% recycling based on Cradle to Cradle

  • Um 30% verlängerte Lebensdauer, da die vermietete Produkte auf Lebensdauer optimiert sind
  • Rücknahmeversprechen und 100% sortenreines Recycling basierend auf Cradle to Cradle